Each housekeeper whom provides services for Bikini House Cleaners is an independent contractor.  Bikini House Cleaners assumes no responsibility or liability for any damaged, broken lost or stolen property or negligence caused by any of the independent contractors as well as any form of illegal activity.  Bikini House Cleaners doesn't support or condone any form of prostitution. Bikini House Cleaners is strictly acting as a booking agent.  Each of the housekeepers are independent contractors and not employees of Bikini House Cleaners.  Customer is in agreement that payment for cleaning services is to be paid in advance to Bikini House Cleaners before any services are performed.  Each customer requesting any service from Bikini House Cleaners is in agreement to these terms through their render of payment for the requested service. 
• Payment due before or upon maid arrival, Bikini House Cleaners will accept credit cards or cash
• Must be 18 yrs of age or older
• Valid picture ID is required
• Services are offered only in an indoor domestic with no more than 3 persons observing. Other wise you must book as party
• Must specify amount of hours the maid /entertainer is needed for at time that you book your appointment
• Clients must not be under the influence of alcohol or drugs while our Maids are present.
• Photography or any other hidden recording devices are not permitted.
• No physical contact is permitted. No sexual advances, and absolutely no vulgar language.
• Maids to be treated with respect--nothing less.
• Maids not responsible nor liable for things that are broken or damaged.
• Since we are on a schedule, there will be a $50 fee for appointments canceled less than 24 hours of appointment. A full refund will how ever be issued if a maid cancels appointment.
• You must supply all cleaning equipment and supplies
• No big dogs in the house please (other small pets are ok)
If at any time the rules are broken, maid will immediately leave and there will be no refunds.


BIKINI HOUSE CLEANERS HOUSEKEEPING POLICY: Our maids will not bring the cleaning supplies to be used in your home or place of work. Client must supply vacuum, broom, mop sponges, duster, and cleaning solutions etc. The client will have everything needed for the maid upon her arrival. No heavy objects will be moved. Cleaning in an unsafe or hazardous environment will not be permitted. There will only be light or moderate cleaning done by one of our maids. Absolutely, no heavy cleaning unless requested beforehand as there will be extra charge.  No such moving and cleaning behind furniture, washing the walls on a ladder, or anything outside of a home or office such as cleaning the gutters. Bikini House Cleaners are available for one time, bi weekly, and monthly cleaning jobs, such as, dusting and polishing furniture, sweeping and moping the floor, cleaning rooms including bathroom, vacuuming all applicable areas, sanitize all counter tops, clean microwave, wash dishes or use dish washer appliance etc. If you are looking for heavy duty cleaning service, you must request at time of payment as you will be charged extra for these services.  We cater to ladies, men, and couples, who enjoy gorgeous, friendly, and caring maids to complete their cleaning tasks while wearing a bikini, lingerie, orcostume.

Our personal assistants are professional office personnel to help with your basic office needs such as answering the telephone, taking messages, screening calls.; data entry; filing; local errands; makes copies sorts mail; signs for packages; organizes; makes coffee etc .  The services do not include any physical contact. You may speak to your assistant respectfully but at any time there should not be any propositions offered to your personal assistant at any time.  You may compliment her and flirt, but please know where to draw the line. In this nature of service sexual harassment does not apply.  DO NOT offend your Bikini House Cleaner Assistant by offering something illegal or prohibited by Bikini House Cleaners. Bikini House Cleaners advises clients to secure anything private or confidential pertaining to your company such as all information that is confidential outside your company or business use. If our Personal Assistant is treated improperly for any reason, you have violated your agreement and Bikini House Cleaner's Personal Assistant has reserved the right to leave with pay and client will not be refunded.

If for any reason, you cancel your appointment, less than 24 hours before a Bikini House Cleaner is scheduled to arrive, you will have to pay a cancellation fee of $50 per maid.  If the Bikini House Cleaner has to cancel your appointment, we can either refund you or reschedule your appointment.

This service is to be prepaid before or upon a Bikini House Cleaner's arrival.  You can pre pay with us by credit card or by cash upon arrival.   Anyone who mistreats or verbally abuses one of our staff, will be subject to prosecution of the law and will not get a refund .Bikini House Cleaners are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week and services the entire Tampa Bay area. If a Bikini House Cleaner has to cancel your appointment, we can issue you a refund or reschedule your appointment.

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