Book a Sexy Bikini House Cleaner to come clean your home in a very sexy bikini or lingerie.  Be sure to also check out our bikini gallery where you will find many gorgeous ladies in their hot bikinis and lingerie.  Enjoy looking through all the photos.

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Now serving but not limited to: Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg, Lutz, Odessa, Wesley Chapel, Thonotosassa, Seffner, Riverview, Zephyrhills, Palm Harbor, Largo, Pinellas Park, Clearwater, Gibsonston, New Port, Richey, Holiday, Safety Harbor, and Dunedin.  Additional Fee applied to other Locations.
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In Business For Yourself, Not by Yourself! Now Leasing your city website page!
We are Bikini House Cleaners, and we are offering to lease you your own web page on our website. We need sexy maids who want to service our clients needs all over the country. Our website is well optimized and is taking on traffic from all 50 states. What we decided to do is lease out city webpages all over the country to hot women just like who want to make more money or incredible money as a bikini maid. You can apply now below if you are interested but first let us tell you what it is all about:

1. We will create a webpage that is for you and optimized and geo targeted for you.
2. We have spent 3 years on the site working it and growing it. You benefit.
3. We will continue to optimize the site and your page for maximum benefit.
4. We will provide all work on the website as part of your monthly fee and down payment
5. We will provide seo and sem for the site.
6. We will provide additional marketing at your request.
7. We will continue to build our network and social media presents.
8. We will lease you your site and not remove it unless for cause or terms.
9. We will continue to brand the name.
10. We will create a fanpage for you.

Here is what we are looking for from you:

1. A down payment and a signed electronic agreement.
2. A monthly payment on your lease in advance (time is of the essence)
3. Ethical behavior at all times.
4. Maintain professionalism at all times including not missing appointments or theft.
5. Protecting our company name at all time. (You must agree to defend and hold harmless)
6. Agree that you are an independent business owner and not an employee.
7. Service all client calls and emails within a reasonable time.
8. At least 3 Sexy Photos of you or your girls ( Need Photos of any girl you are offering)
9. Commit to 6 or 12 month lease
10. Easy to communicate with at all times!

We want to deliver the most powerful and unified front on the web for bikini house cleaners and have nothing but the best girls and entertainment. This would be like a union for sexy maids all over the U.S. There is strength in numbers and the more strength we build the more you benefit. When someone goes to your page in your city and they fill out the form, you get their info and you can contact them to set up an appointment!. It's that easy. Most cities will only have one bikini maid office like you. Larger ones may have 2 unless you purchase the whole city.

Why lease a Webpage from us?

What most bikini maid services do is run some ads on free classified ads and at best have a low class website. This does not present well and the amount of money made is very little. Plus the cost of a good website can cost you over a few thousand dollars, then you have to market it and optimize it along with other marketing as well. This can cost you thousands. We have something that is better than all of that afterall, you want to focus on your work at hand right? So here is what we have created for you:

We have created a large internet presence and social media presence. We have optimized the website (all built for you). We have geo targeted the website and already have a load of traffic coming in. We create your page, you pay a small down payment and a small monthly payment and away you go. Want more work done? We provide an al la carte for you to add on more marketing that will really drive up your page and drive up your bottom line. This is what you call a win/win. We already have clients that need you so the sooner you sign up, the sooner we can get you started.

How Do I Sign Up & How Long Does it take?

Once you read the terms and conditions and agree to them and fill out the form below, we will get started on creating your own page with all of your information on it. This usually takes just a few days or less. Once it is live, you will start to receive web forms and phone calls as they come in.

Terms and Conditions

Lease Packages Available:

Bronze Package Lease:
  • Down Payment: $200.00
  • Monthly Payment: $99.00
  • Includes hosting
  • up to 3 photos
  • contact form
  • Contact Phone number
  • Minimal amount of specific seo on your page.
  • Facebook Fanpage
  • up to 2 zipcodes
  • geo targeted seo information on page

Silver Maid Package:
  • Down Payment $300.00
  • Monthly Payment $225.00
  • includes hosting
  • Includes unlimited photo gallery
  • Cutomizeable changes to your page
  • Active monthly seo on your page
  • up to 2 changes a month to content.
  • Facebook Fanpage & Youtube account set up
  • Up to 3 zipcodes
  • Media blitz on page

Gold Maid Package:
  • Down Payment $400.00
  • Monthly Payment $425.00
  • includes hosting
  • Includes unlimited photo gallery
  • Cutomizeable changes to your page
  • Active monthly seo on your page
  • up to 2 changes a month to content.
  • Facebook Fanpage & Youtube account set up
  • Media blitz on page
  • Up to 5 zipcodes
  • $100 month Google package (pay-per-click)

Al La Carte:
  • Facebook Marketing $300-1000.00 month
  • Classified ad marketing $300-1000.00 month
  • SEO Pages created
  • Blog $200.00
  • Content for Blog $20.00 page
  • Create Backlinks up to $1000.00

Ready to Sign Up? Fill out the form below and provide all necessary
information. Once we determine your city is available and that you qualify
to lease a city space on our site, we will then contact you for payment
and get you set up.
Today's Date:
First Name:
Last Name:
Email Add:
Street Address:
Company Name:
Do you Have Employees or partners?
If so how many?
City You Want to Lease?  Zip Codes
Please explain if you have an existing business, how you currently market, if you want additional marketing and anything else. Questions You May Have, etc
I have read the terms and conditions for leasing city space and agree to all of the terms on this entire site:
*Once you click the submit button, someone will get back to you in 24-48 hours. You must also be 18 years old at minimum to apply. By submitting your information, you agree you are doing so at your own free will.
Which Package Do You Want?
Things You Should Consider:

If you are new in business or if you have never ran your business as you should, we can help you with:

Setting up a full business
Obtain a name
Obtain an EIN
Get an Accountant
and more.You should also consider being fully bonded and have full coverage insurance and not just the minimum. If you have any questions on how we can help just email us and we will contact you.

Diamond Package:
  • Down Payment $1000.00
  • Monthly Payment $850.00 Month
  • Includes Hosting
  • Unlimited Photos and change outs
  • Customizeable Page Changes to your page
  • 10 hours of active seo on your page
  • Unlimited Changes to your site monthly
  • Facebook, Youtube and twitter Profiles
  • Media Blitz on page
  • Up to 5 zipcodes
  • Up to $200.00 Month Adsense
  • 1 Hour monthly Support administrative time
  • Google Maps, Merchant Circle
  • 30 minutes consulting Monthly

Consulting Packages:
  • Business Start Up Package Level 1 $500.00
Set you up with a business basics package and basic operations. 3 Hours of consulting time and a brief outline on how to run your bikini maid business. On going monthly consulting would be billed at $150.00 an hour

  • Business Start Up Package Level 2 $1000.00
Everything included in package #1 plus advanced operations, 5 Hours of Consulting time, basic outline to run your new business, 1 hour of training and marketing tips, setting up your corporation and insurance help. On going consulting would be billed at $145.00

  • Business Start Up Package Level 3 $2500.00
Everything included in level 1 and Level 2 packages plus 7 Hours of consulting total, 3 hours of training total, phone and email support ( 3 hours month) and help with creating additional income. On going consulting would be billed at $1335.00 an hour.

Business Structure?
Consulting Package?
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